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Recommend Unmake products and earn recurring revenue on every affiliate sales.

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30% commission

Earn a 30% commission on every sale you generate. Better yet, if you sell a monthly membership, we will keep paying you 30% every month!

7 days payout

Receive your payment in your bank account 7 days after the purchase of one of your referees.

30 days tracking

We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide 30-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale.

Products you'll actually want to recommend

"I was bad at Webflow until I discovered Superflow. I can now implement the designs I create without working with a dev. If I had to recommend a way of getting into Webflow today, it would be by using Superflow!"

Mathilde Caillaud
Art Director

"GrowthList came at an absolutely crucial time for our company and has been essential in allowing us to grow. The strategies are super easy to implement and you can always reach out to Antoine if you need help!"

Salomé Murciani
‍‍Marketing Manager, NUMA

"As a designer, I always struggle to find new inspirations. SaaSFrame came in as an amazing resource to discover new graphics, patterns and interactions. Most of my clients are SaaS companies so I really feel like if SaaSFrame had been made for me!"

Christian Truong
Freelance Designer

Frequestly Asked Questions

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Do I need to be an Unmake customer to qualify for the partner program?

Yes, you do. We want our partner to be true believer in our products. If you haven't tested it, you won't be able to recommend it properly.

How do I get paid?

We use Gumroad Affiliates. It means that you'll have to create a Gumroad account to be able to sell Unmake product. You will then be paid by Gumroad.

How do I sign up fo the program?

Simply complete this form. Once we receive your information, I will reach out if you qualify for the program.

What is the commission structure?

You'll receive 30% of all the sales you make.