August 27, 2022

A startup founder can be its best acquisition channel

Sara Boudam
4 min

Before, we had to use traditional media to get visibility: billboards, TV ads, the press 📺

Today, visibility can be acquired on LinkedIn for free thanks to the tremendous reach it allows.

What are you waiting for to grow your business?

There is a huge space and everyone can take it.

But only 1% do 🤷‍♀️

The other 99% don’t and that's what we came to remedy by creating

As a startup founder

I was myself struggling to create content for LinkedIn 😅

alt text

Not the same audience: old professional acquaintances of whose opinion now surprisingly mattered.

Not the same copywriting: straightforward vocabulary & that catchphrase at the beginning of every post 🙄

At first, I thought about hiding behind my product’s brand.

But to speak like a brand isn’t something that can be improvised.

So I looked for similar content that I bookmarked.

It was disorganization personified but it worked for a while.

Then I had to switch to an Excel file and everything went blurred after that 😂

alt text

The setbacks

I realized it was not a viable way to gather content inspiration.

Plus, my brand page hadn’t performed as much as I would have liked.

LinkedIn favors personal pages: with a bigger reach, an annual talent ranking, etc.

And people are biased, they tend to put their trust more into other people than brands.

Back to square one: had to redo that Excel file with personal post inspiration.

A whole new world 🤯

The testimony that it could work out

Founders and employees shining light on their business through their content.

  • Reaching an audience of ambassadors tagging their friends on their posts 🗣
  • Storytelling their career choice and company culture, making it a competitive advantage.
  • Distributing and recycling their blog articles, their webinars, their e-books.

When you know a person must see and hear about your product 7 times before purchasing it 🛍

Forced to think they mastered that.

The building phase

The Excel file had become a liability at this time.

I went to my boyfriend Antoine and we started to work on productizing it.

alt text

That’s how came to life 🐣

A library of +1500 LinkedIn post inspiration that performed well on the platform to save & copy easily.

We curated and sorted them for everyone to find inspiration in their industry & their field of work.

Got a content idea that you don’t know how to put into words? You can filter every inspiration post according to your needs.

Criteria range from new feature announcements to calendar events and business tips.

alt text

No content idea? We even molded an idea generator to overcome blank page syndrome.

Run the generator and let it guide you to create content around an idea.

alt text

What about now?

Sign up to the waiting list at to get notified for the launch & let’s conquer LinkedIn together 💪

& If you have any questions, please comment below. I’ll try to answer everyone!