August 27, 2022

We discovered what's the real mission of PrivacyBoard

Antoine Milkoff
3 min

Last month, Sara and I launched PrivacyBoard: a platform to audit & rank B2B SaaS according to their privacy compliance.

We believe that users have increasingly high expectations regarding the privacy compliance of the software they use and that good privacy policies can become real competitive advantages in a market as competitive as the B2B SaaS market.

So far we’ve audited 9 analytics& 3 mailing tools. Here's what we learned along the way 👇

1/ The best software is not always the most popular

When we think about analytics tools, we immediately think of Google Analytics. It’s the most used one and yet it’s one of the worst when it comes to privacy. Our audit resulted in a Privacy Score of 50%, which is less than most of the independent tools we rated.

2/ Privacy is not as boring as you think

Compliance issues do not usually make good marketing arguments. But privacy is different. Today, many SaaS make privacy their main selling point. In a world where data is king, securing your own becomes a vital issue.

3/ There is a real need for a Privacy Score

Initially, we thought PrivacyBoard’s mission was to help users choose the most compliant software. But we realized that we bring even more value to the software themselves. By developing a standard scoring system to evaluate the privacy compliance of all kinds of software, we have created a tool that allows SaaS owners to certify their competitiveness in the field of privacy.

A good example of this is Visitor Analytic’s latest ad campaign. To highlight their privacy compliance, they used our terminology « Privacy Perfect » and displayed their 100% Privacy Score with screen recordings from our platform in their Linkedin ad campaign for the French and English markets.

PrivacyBoard is still at its early stages and we haven’t found a business model for it yet. But we have already received many solicitations from SaaS owners, which validates our belief that privacy is a vital issue for this sector. That’s why we will continue to develop this product with the objective of becoming the reference in terms of privacy compliance assessment.