All my micro-startups are open which means it operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, like revenue and traffic.

All my numbers are public.

Total revenue
Pro users
Page views
Email subscribers
Total revenue
Pro users
Page views
Email subscribers
Total revenue
Pro users
Page views
Email subscribers

Discover what I've been up to.

πŸ›  Rebuilding GrowthList
As France entered its 2nd lockdown, I set myself a challenge: to build a new version of GrowthList. The first one was built with Wix two years ago and it was becoming a bit old-fashioned.
JUNE 2, 2020
πŸŽ‰ Launched SaaSFrame on Product Hunt
Two weeks after the "soft launch", I've finally decided to launch SaaSFrame on Product Hunt. 24h later, it is #2 Product of the day with 800 upvotes. Results : 🌎 4 678 visitors, πŸ‘€ 24 912 pageviews, πŸ‘‹ 31 new paying users.
MAY 29, 2020
πŸ“Š Revenue > Expenses
The revenue for SaaSFrame Pro membership just exceeded the monthly operating costs, which is about ~$200/mo.
MAY 18, 2020
πŸŽ‰ First paying customer!
After posting to Twitter and emailing a few friends, I sold my first Pro membership! Ok it's only $9 MRR but after only one day that's pretty cool.
MAY 17, 2020
🌎 Finally live
After a month of development and +500 examples added, I finally publish
APRIL 18, 2020
πŸ–₯ SaaSFrame's journey begins
After pitching my idea and getting feedback from SaaS marketers friends, I start building SaaSFrame on Webflow.
NOVEMBER 19, 2018
πŸ”Ό Launched GrowthList on Product Hunt
For the first time, I decided to launch one of my product on Product Hunt. Not a bad idea as I hit the 2nd place for the day and 3rd for the week! ‍Results : πŸ† 1 134 upvotes, 🌎 7 341 visitors, πŸ‘€ 32 837 pageviews

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